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Licensed Massage

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Book only from the Licensed Massage Center. We have professional and certified massage practitioner.

New Russian Massage in Dubai Business Bay

We have a new added Russian Therapist in our team to cater your therapy and wellness. Come and visit us today.

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We are happy to serve you a massage treatment on any day. Schedule and book your best local massage center in Business Bay.

Our Signature Spa Services

Our Spa stands as a sanctuary of serenity and relaxation. Recognized for providing the best massage in Business Bay Dubai, we invite you to step away from the stress of daily life and into a world where your well-being is our highest priority.

Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy

Revitalize your senses with our Aroma Therapy Treatment.

Thai Massage by Motion Mirrage Spa

Thai Massage

Release tension, enhance flexibility, and restore balance.

Swedish Body Care by Motion Mirrage Spa

Swedish Massage

Melt away stress and tension with soothing techniques.

Dual Reveal Therapy by Motion Mirrage Spa

Four Hands Massage

Double the relaxation, unparalleled harmony and stress relief.

Deep Tissue Massage by Motion Mirrage Spa

Deep Tissue Massage

Targeted techniques for deep muscle relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage by Motion Mirrage Spa

Hot Stone Massage

Experience the soothing warmth and melt away tension and stress.

Oriental Body Healing

Experience ancient techniques for total well-being.

Candle Wax Treatment by Motion Mirrage Spa

Candle Wax Treatment

Smooth, nourish, and relax your skin with warm, soothing wax.

Flower Oil Care by Motion Mirrage Spa

Flower Oil Treatment

Nourish your skin and senses with the essence of blossoms.

Reflexology by Motion Mirrage Spa


Stimulate healing and balance through targeted foot therapy.

waxing and shaving by Motion Mirrage Spa

Professional Waxing

Enjoy flawless skin and lasting results.

Moroccan Bath by Motion Mirrage Spa

Moroccan Bath

Indulge in luxury, experience deep cleansing and rejuvenation for your skin.

All-time Best Massage Deals in Business Bay Dubai

Get the most out of your wellness. We truly believe that your health is your wealth. We take pride in providing you the most professional and affordable massage and spa service in Business Bay Dubai.

Understanding that each guest has unique preferences and requirements, we offer tailored therapeutic massage experiences. Whether you're seeking relief from muscular discomfort, aiming to reduce stress, or simply indulging in a moment of luxury, Motion Mirrage Spa is your destination for the best massage in Business Bay.

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